Friday, April 23, 2010

IGIGI wedding dress

I read about IGIGI on the pastaqueen blog. It is an online formalwear stop that caters to plus size women. Did that sound politically correct? Really they make gorgeous dresses for big girls. I needed a simple, elegant, white dress for my upcoming wedding reception. I called the number I found on their website. You see...I did not want to order something so important without trying it on. I taked to a very sweet young lady who told me I could come to their headquarters in San Francisco and try on as many dresses as I wanted. Since I live only a few hours away I decided to do just that.
When I arrived I noticed that this is where the magic actually happens. There were sewing machines and patterns. There was a sewing dummy...and when I saw it I knew I was in the right place! It had padding in all the right places, duct taped on. They had made a fat girl sewing dummy. I knew then that they werent just making skinny girl clothes cut bigger. They were cutting for plus size shapes, for girls who have bodies like mine.
The girls helping me were 2 very cute, very thin girls. Oddly...I never felt out of place. They made me feel beautiful. They had pulled every single wedding dress style they make. The one I loved onine I ended up hating in person. The one I hated online I fell in love with and bought as soon as I saw it on. These 2 girls treated me with respect and with dignity. The designer was there and told them to give me 20% off...which was nice. I told her I already had the 20% coupon from pastaqueens blog...I hope she gets some sort of credit for it.
IGIGI isnt just beautiful is really great staff. They made picking my dress a happy occasion. For just a moment I got to forget that I was fat, that I was what most people see as ugly. It was what every bride deserves when picking her dress.
The dress itself is just beautiful. The online picture doesn't begin to do it justice. After my reception I will post a picture of me in it..and maybe you can see what I mean. My only fear is that if I lose any weight it may not fit. I am hoping that if that happens the company might have a good exchange policy. I will try to the pic up from the IGIGI site.


  1. I'm so happy you found a dress you love! I'm glad I was as little part of it. And yes, post photos please!

  2. This dress is just absoutly amazing. im getting married in less then a month and still have no dress. whats the name of the store you got this dress and do they still sell them.